September 2014 Newsletter

Special Days in September

1 – Labor Day (DCLC Closed)

2 – First Day of School

5 – Grandparent’s Day Recognition

7 – Grandparent’s Day

23 – First Day of Fall

25 – Open House & Spaghetti Dinner


THEME: All About Me

BIBLE: God’s Creation

Blanket Days: September 12th and 28th


Please restock your child’s cubby with updated spare clothes and a labeled Earthquake Kit for our new school year.

Earthquake Kits Items Needed:

*3 snack sized canned fruits (pull-tab)

*3 snack sized canned dinners

*20 soft candies

*3 fruit snacks

*3 granola bars

*Diapers if needed

*Formula or baby food if needed

The kits are a two (2) day supply. You need to assemble the above items and put into a MARKED gallon size baggie. Please give the kit to your child’s teacher. These kits are due by September 15th, 2014.

DCLC Transportation Schedule:

Parents of School-Agers, please be aware that your child must be here by 7:30 a.m. to eat breakfast and no later than 8:00 a.m. to be on our Pepper Drive School morning drop off. Note: Due to no student participation, there will be no Magnolia School drop off this school year.

August Newsletter

Special Reminder:

Dayspring Center will be closed on August 25th-September 1, 2014.  School will resume September 2, 2014.

Parents please take ALL your child’s personal items (including Earthquake Kits) home on August 22nd.  Anything remaining in their cubbies will be placed in the “Extra Clothes” bin or given away.  Thank You.

School Closure Week:

Please fill out a vacation day form to determine how many vacation days (if available) your child/ren will be using for the week of August 25-August 29, 2014.  This must be turned into the office no later than August 11th.  Please be aware that all applicable payments must be made in advance of this week.  Thank you.

Blanket Days:  August 8th (take home and wash and return) and August 22nd (take all belongings home)

We Are Learning:

Bible:  Great Women of the Bible

Theme:  Literary Month/Zoo Animals